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Ensure rsync service is not enabled The rsyncd service can be used to synchronize files between systems over network links.

Configure Mail Transfer Agent for Local-Only Mode Mail Transfer Agents (MTA), such as sendmail and Postfix, are used to listen for incoming mail and transfer the messages to the appropriate user or mail server. If the system is not intended to be a mail server, it is recommended that the MTA be configured to only process local mail.

Disable Send Packet Redirects ICMP Redirects are used to send routing information to other hosts. As a host itself does not act as a router (in a host only configuration), there is no need to send redirects.

Disable IP Forwarding The net.ipv4.ip_forward flag is used to tell the server whether it can forward packets or not. If the server is not to be used as a router, set the flag to 0.

Ensure Samba is not enabled The Samba daemon allows system administrators to configure their Linux systems to share file systems and directories with Windows desktops. Samba will advertise the file systems and directories via the Small Message Block (SMB) protocol. Windows desktop users will be able to mount these directories and file systems as letter drives on their systems.

Ensure SNMP Server is not enabled The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) server is used to listen for SNMP commands from an SNMP management system, execute the commands or collect the information and then send results back to the requesting system.

Ensure HTTP Proxy Server is not enabled Squid is a standard proxy server used in many distributions and environments.

Do Not Allow Users to Set Environment Options The PermitUserEnvironment option allows users to present environment options to the ssh daemon.

Restrict Access to the su Command The su command allows a user to run a command or shell as another user. The program has been superseded by sudo, which allows for more granular control over privileged access. Normally, the su command can be executed by any user. By uncommenting the pam_wheel.so statement in /etc/pam.d/su, the su command will only allow users in the wheel group to execute su.

Limit Access via SSH There are several options available to limit which users and group can access the system via SSH. It is recommended that at least one of the following options be leveraged: AllowUsers The AllowUsers variable gives the system administrator the option of allowing specific users to ssh into the system. The list consists of comma separated user names. Numeric userIDs are not reco ...

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