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Set User/Group Owner and Permission on /etc/cron.hourly This directory contains system cron jobs that need to run on an hourly basis. The files in this directory cannot be manipulated by the crontab command, but are instead edited by system administrators using a text editor. The commands below restrict read/write and search access to user and group root, preventing regular users from accessing t ...

Disable Mounting of jffs2 Filesystems The jffs2 (journaling flash filesystem 2) filesystem type is a log-structured filesystem used in flash memory devices.

Verify Permissions on /etc/hosts.deny The /etc/hosts.deny file contains network information that is used by many system applications and therefore must be readable for these applications to operate.

Ensure the X Window system is not installed The X Window system provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) where users can have multiple windows in which to run programs and various add on. The X Window system is typically used on desktops where users login, but not on servers where users typically do not login.

Set SSH HostbasedAuthentication to No The HostbasedAuthentication parameter specifies if authentication is allowed through trusted hosts via the user of .rhosts, or /etc/hosts.equiv, along with successful public key client host authentication. This option only applies to SSH Protocol Version 2.

Restrict Access to the su Command The su command allows a user to run a command or shell as another user. The program has been superseded by sudo, which allows for more granular control over privileged access. Normally, the su command can be executed by any user. By uncommenting the pam_wheel.so statement in /etc/pam.d/su, the su command will only allow users in the wheel group to execute su.

The required permissions for the file %SystemRoot%\System32\netsh.exe should be assigned.

The "Turn Off Internet File Association Service" setting should be configured correctly.

Create /etc/hosts.deny (Not Scored) The /etc/hosts.deny file specifies which IP addresses are not permitted to connect to the host. It is intended to be used in conjunction with the /etc/hosts.allow file.

Limit Password Reuse The /etc/security/opasswd file stores the users' old passwords and can be checked to ensure that users are not recycling recent passwords.

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