What is SCAP Repo?

www.scaprepo.com is a cloud-based SCAP content delivery platform hosted using SecPod SCAP Repo, the first of its kind SCAP content repository. The repository supports natural language based searching, with a web service interface for automated binding to any SCAP based scanner.

The repository hosts SCAP content (OVAL, XCCDF, CVE, CPE, CCE, CWE, CVSS), professionally developed and tested, standards based content for detecting vulnerabilities, missing patches, device compliance, and asset inventory. Future releases will include content for remediation, malware characterization and incident management.



  • IAVM to CVE searching
  • CCE to NIST 800-53 mapping
  • CCE to regulatory standards based on Cloud Security Alliance map
  • CCEs to CPE mapping
  • And more...

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