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AIX bugfiler program allows local users to gain root access.

AIX Licensed Program Product performance tools allow local users to gain root access.

dpsexec (DPS Server) when running under XDM in IBM AIX 3.2.5 and earlier does not properly check privileges, which allows local users to overwrite arbitrary files and gain privileges.

Unknown vulnerability in the login program on AIX before 4.0 could allow remote users to specify 100 or more environment variables when logging on, which exceeds the length of a certain string, possibly triggering a buffer overflow.

Unknown vulnerability in AIX before 4.0 with unknown attack vectors and unknown impact, aka "security issue," as fixed by APAR IY28225.

AIX passwd allows local users to gain root access.

The rexd service is running, which uses weak authentication that can allow an attacker to execute commands.

AIX batch queue (bsh) allows local and remote users to gain additional privileges when network printing is enabled.

Buffer overflow in Source Code Browser Program Database Name Server Daemon (pdnsd) for the IBM AIX C Set ++ compiler.

Unspecified vulnerability in crontab in IBM AIX 3.2 allows local users to gain root privileges via unknown attack vectors.

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