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Display keeps sleeping. Settings set not to but within seconds on being idle screen sleeps or hibernates. This update fixes this issue making the users settings about display respected.

The "at" command scheduler in Mandriva Linux 2009 failed to work at all for users other than root, due to a permission error. This update fixes the issue, making it possible for regular users to run at jobs.

The embedded terminal plugin was not included in gedit-plugins. The updated package was adjusted to include it.

This update fixes several issues with clamav: - update unexpectely changes location of clamd socket - clamav-milter was not built - Clamav-milter wanted to remove postfix - Scanning mail with clamav leaves a big temporary folder - Build fails if invoked with --with milter, in a configure stage - Jpeg parsing denial-of-service crash in clamav 0.94-1 and earlier Update: The previous package in ...

This update fixes an issue with aria2: - the default path aria2c uses to look for certificates for public CAs isn"t the right one on mandriva systems

A security vulnerability has been identified and fixed in libsamplerate: Lev Givon discovered a buffer overflow in libsamplerate that could lead to a segfault with specially crafted python code. This problem has been fixed with libsamplerate-0.1.7 but older versions are affected. This update provides a solution to this vulnerability.

This update provides the pcsc-lite packages which were needed by MDVA-2009:264 but not provided.

The "recurse" keyword in any editfile action trigger the following warning, for each file found: cfengine:hostname: Unknown action in editing of file XYZ. This update fixes this issue.

x86_64 version of openoffice.org-voikko was missing from 2009.1. This prevented the installation of Openoffice.org Finnish language support on 64-bit systems.

Bash as shipped with Mandriva Linux 2009.0 was executing keychain for new users even if the application was not installed. This updated package prevents this from happening.

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